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Pray for Japan...

 It's horrible.
Ever since I was working on friday, at that time.. Japan was struck by a massive earthquake of m9 following massive tsunamis.
It brought me back to the days of Aceh tsunami..
And then I didn't watched the news yet as i was still working.
So by the time, i reached home, i watched the news.
The footage of the tsunami coming and all.. is very very horrible.
Enough to send shivers down the spine, leaving you feeling thankful that you would not be there to experience the scenes.
And suddenly, i thought of my japanese Penpals, my favourite artistes.
I was hoping that they are safe.
I was totally camping in front of the tv, watching if there is any progress of the aftermaths.
Until I was totally knocked out .___.

I was just telling you how people in the unaffected countries should be thankful that they are not experiencing any of this.
Here we are, in Singapore, laughing,studying,eating,sleeping, and doing the ol' rountines every single day like there's nothing bad happening.
And over there in Japan, the earthquakes/tsunamis destroyed so many of their homes,farms and livestock.
And no, it does not have anything to do with the 2012 bullshit.
It shows that life is surely short and that we should treasure every moment no matter what, let it be friends,family,favourite artistes(if you have any).
Be glad that you are not the one stranded on broken-up grounds with only rubble and splinters of wood surrounding you.
Last of all, 
Three words to describe my mood right now.


Terribly hungry.
Parents and sister are going out later to donno-do-what thingy.
And I'm stuck here at home with brother, thinking about food, food and more food.
And there is school tomorrow.
Literally i thought there is one more week til YOG holidays and i even think of tolerating it all the whole week.
but FML..
There are two more weeks instead.
I wanna eat.
Someone please feed me.
And FML again, starting this week, must major major major save.
Because of the trip overseas in 4 years' time.
I think it's way too short.
And i will die of starvation before that.
I need fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Band performance... TSK.


Ended up that YDGEN performance is cancelled.
But anyway, there is another one coming.. So i don't mind XD
Anyway, i decided to come down and support the primary school band.
I'm such a nice senior, heh heh heh.
Together with Thivya, we went down to see them.
My, my my... They're still (. . .)
Their level of playing the music is kinda at the bottom.
Still slow and how to put it..
For example, Rock Around the Clock is kinda fast-tempo..
But now, some parts are cut out and it change from fast to slow.
I was like,"wth? Why does it degrade so much?!"
Whatever la, like that, the band is already in such a poor form.
Even also like that, they have no chances of going overseas and be exposed to different kinds of experiences
each place offer.
As for me, HONGKONG la.
Can be a cultural trip as well.
Kill two birds with one stone.
BEST sia.
Plus lots of fun with friends/band mates.

Then i saw Ms Wee(now what does she is called as since she is married already with two kids somemore) and she hardly recongize me.
So i have to explain where she saw me. And she was like," OH! the music class right? Zomg, I'm getting old."
So probably she was the one who casted me into the school band.
MAYBE. Cause after each music class(taught how to read notes and the clapping to rthym), i always managed to pass sia.
So yeah..
Hmm then what?
I helped joyce taking pics using her Canon camera.
The sad thing is that i never take much. BECAUSEEEEEEEEEEEEE
alot people are blocking my view when they are performing.
So cb sia.
After that... what..? Went to eat lunch at MACs..
The problem is that the stupid damn spicy mcnuggets are taking forever to come.
Then chat chat among the YDGEN members.
Some of us are there to support and also former members of the pri. sch band.
Yeah yeah.
Long time didnt see them siaaaaaaaaaaa.
and i miss playing with them.
I wanna play the old songs. :/
Walked around the mall and headed to Orchard to accompany Hau En to buy her arts things.
I saw one Japanese couple with a girl toddler.
Kya kya kya kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~!
Then what?
Chat chat chat until we all head our own ways.
Extremely tired sia.
I couldn't sleep the whole night yesterday.
Prolly because I was excited for today? :/

I got a test today.
And i think I'm gonna fail.
Because i put answers that doesnt possibly related to the test and answers that make sense in some ways.

Finally one test off my mind.
Somewhat, i feel much more happier.
Funneh enough?
A few weeks ago, i felt like killing myself and ending my life.
And now, I'm smiling away like some fool and laughing all the way.
Hmm, there is a problem with me.
Like totally.
I'm scared of myself.
I'm like Hyde and Jeryll(?)
Tsk tsk.
Poor HL..
She can't play computer until sunday~!

School tomorrow.
One last day before weekends.
And there is a band performance this saturday.
Pray that I play correctly or... CONFIRM DIE DIE! XD

& I shall change this lj skin to something cheery~!
Finally posting here.
Been updating at my blogspot one.
Hmm, supposed to have dinner with dearest babes(Rae,BL & Hauen)
And i didn't. :/
I was down with terrible flu.
This morning.
Terrible terrible terrible.
I kept sneezing like there is no tomorrow!
Ended up smsing Rae that i couldn't go.
You would not want me to spread that around when i meet them.
Duh. Tsk. There goes my dinner.
And on the minus side, I did not eat dinner just yet. Look at the time now.
On the plus side, it could be good since i might be able to lose some weight.

Well, tomorrow is the D-DAY!
Deaf Groove Ignition workshop! LOCKING~!
No B-Boying though.
Nevermind, as long as I can dance, it's okay.
I'm craving for Japanese curry suddenly. ㅠ_ㅠ
Oh yeah, next tues, I am gonna eat sushi with Via and HL.
BEST! okay, I'm getting hyper over nothing. :/
It's just food.
Talking about food makes me hungry. GRRRRRRRRRRR.
Nao, i'm gonna stop here cause there is practically nothing to talk about. TSK.

Today, no school. So awesome sia.
Stay at home and all.
And I get to see granny more.
And gramps too! :D
Hmm.. Today i am supposed to study for tml's test and i didn't.
Got all engrossed in Kanjani8 videos.
LOL. Yokoyama san..
-____- why are you in the world so damn damn damn funny?
Anyways, after watching the videos i downloaded last night, I watched a drama.
Entitled One Litre of Tears.
And it made me cryyyyyyyyyyy. Like really alot.
One reason i watched that is because of Nishikido Ryo.
HAHAH. I wanna see how good he is, being an actor and all.
And he is bloddy good. XD
But still, this drama, based on a true story, touch me to the max.
i keep crying over this and that.
Sometimes, I asked myself why I cannot be so positive and move on ahead instead of dwelling on the past?
And yet, the main lead, stricken with an incurable dieases, worked so hard to live longer until the age of 25 years old.
Because of her family.
Because of her friends.
Because of everything she likes.
Because of that, she wanted to live on.
She don't want to lose her family.
She don't want to lose the warmth given by her friends.
Because of that, she continued to stay strong.

*heartache* I realized that I took things for granted sia.
I never appreciate anything even though I AM DEAF.( i do appreciate my family and friends :D)
For goodness sake, I AM DEAF.
While the girl in the drama is down with an INCURABLE DIEASE.
I am far more luckier than her because I can study, I can run,I can get a boyfriend(by no means, i will never get. -____-), I can get married, i can do anything a normal girl can.
While the girl in the story cannot run, cannot study, cannot do things she wanted to do, cannot walk, cannot talk properly,cannot get married,cannot do things independantly and she keep getting thrown at with so many other dieases that come with  the incurable diease she got.
See the comparison.
So much difference right?
Oh, the diease is spinocerebellar degeneration - a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat.

Man, I recommend this drama to you readers.
It can teach you so many things, make you realize how important life is.

wtf sia.
You think who you are?
Just because of me not attending cy's bdae on that day, you have to go yakking.
"The more you never attend, the more akward you will feel"
You think what? That I'm gonna start doing that and I will feel guilty that way?
I have my own reasons.

Firstly, things now had never been the same although you might consider that constant changes is the best for all of us.
Whatever it is, I just feel akward around you guys.
It is just that we no longer laugh together, joke with one another and gossip about people we consider rude or look down on hearing impaired people.
It is just that more and more BHSS kids joined the group and i know it's selfish of me to think that way.
We no longer meet up.
We no longer share problems the norm way.
We just talked on msn and that's it.
We never see each other's faces.
Due to us being in different schools and such...
But then, i prefer the old us.
Doing it our own way instead of having "outsiders" involved.
Because of that, i am starting to feel like I'm drifting away from you all.
The more I try to hold on, the more I feel like drifting away.

Secondly, about T.
You all know that T couldn't make it for most of the events.
Everytime you or others smsed her about some sorts of events, she never respond right..?
I'm sure most of you know why. It could be because of her mom and maybe because she just don't fit in within the group.
Right now, she wanted to spend some time with you all and you never even invite her once.
She is feeling leftout as it is.
She is trying to mend her wrong ways and she really want to go out with us at least once.
She is probably trying to find her place in the HI world, considering that she accepted she is HI.
But then, you guys..
Idk if you are not open enough to be close to her or what..
Every Friday(not every friday, some fridays only), i meet T. and one another girl.
She asked me why you all never invite her at all.
The reason is because she found out that the unnamed girl and me knew about it already.
I'm really really sure that she wanted to hang out with us at least.
Now you see why.
You all confirm say,"erm, it is because I'm not close to her, I don't know her well what"
Make some efforts to know her, will ya?

Because of this and that, friendship problems only arose.
So who can i turn to when these happens?
Because everytime you come and tell me why I never attend, i want to say,"FUCK OFF. I GOT MY OWN REASONS"
But i held back.
It is because I treat you as my close friend and i never do that to people i really really treasure.
If you're still not happy with anything above, feel free to come and tell me off.
There you go.
Contradicting views is what cause these kinds of problems to arise.

Now I'm trying to make up for my absentee from CY's bdae on 2 June.
Just us alone. wtf. And I'm gonna invite JY :/

back again.
LOL. I seem to update LJ more than my Blogspot one.
But whatever la. Both are my virtual diaries.
Stil the same, no favouritsm.

Well.. Today, woke up as usual.
Sound crazy right?
5am, on a Sunday somemore.
HAHAHAH. It is just that I can fold clothes more easily(& no interference from siblings :D)
Got one mountain-ful of clothes waiting for me to fold them.
TSK. It is my household chore. And a fixed one as well.
Yeah, and completed the rest of my homework.
TSK. Finding the information here and there gave a headacheeeeeee.
IFS sucks.
Now I say it sucks.
Before that, I used to say it rocks.
Downloaded more KANJANI8 videos.
I'm loving Kanjani8 bit by bit every moment :)
Shyt. But then i still love Nishikido Ryo kun~!
Not forgetting Kame kun too!
Hmm, as for KAT TUN, they just released a new single.
It's quite meaningful, the song.
Lyrics are about catching dreams or something.
If ya wanna know and see it, ask me.
I got the video on hard disk.
I can't really tolerate people who upload videos of others(especially the subbers who put so much efforts into subbing the videos) onto streaming sites.
lol .__.
Just blackmailing la.
HAHAHA. Whatever.
If ya want to know, come and ask me okay?
I can show you FOC.
Okay la.
I have to stop here.


Stupid presentation. Stupid fire drill.

I'm back here.
I ought to make this livejournal stay alive as much as i can.
Yesterday was okay okay luh.
Got presentation. But fortunately, i don't get to say anything at all.
Thanks, Via, for understanding me.
Geez, I am such a chicken.
Never present, only have to trouble my other teammates. ):
But i got write write alot on the mahjong paper.
DAMN NEAT AND COLOURFUL. Combined efforts with Mizah:)

But the another one.. Task Two one..
Tsk, so.. unattractive.
Not Via's.. But the one.. You know what i meant.
tsk, I was like,"She seriously need to go for handwriting classes".
I know I'm a total meanie. :D
HAHAHA. Then do some Revision(I'm not really sure if it is revision or what. never pay attention at all!)
And I was literally praying hard that Ms Wee did not called out my number.
FYI, my number is 5.
You know she called out 20, i was like,"SHIT! She gonna call out my number soon!"
Cause she called out 24 then 12, then 6 or whatever number it was. It is like calling out multiples of 2,5,8.
Like that.
So yeah, I was literally PRAYING VERY HARD.
Since I didn't bring my worksheet(all filed up at home)
Then suddenly, another IFS teacher(what's her name again?) rushed in, panting as if some monsters came chasing after her and said,"Got fire drill. Pack up and gather at the field."
First time in my ITE years.
LOL. FYI, I'm still a first year.
FRESHMAN! -____-
But but but.. it was only 5 minutes.
After that, can go home.. WTF, waste time only luh.
TSK. But it was better than SAC(my secondary school) which usually took an hour or more for just ONE fire drill.

Then what?
I bused home and downloaded more NISHIDKIDO RYO videos.
I was in NISHIKIDO RYO mode.
That's all about yesterday.
Yesterday, facebook sucked to the max.
Loaded so slow luh. Made me pissed in the end. ):

Hmm.. Now in KANJANI8 mode!
HAHAHAHAHA. Man, Yokoyama did doted on Nishikido(i think so, i saw it in video :/)
Nice brother, Yoko-san. :D
Have not uploaded here for so longgggggggggg.
KEKEKEKE. Now i think my lj should be open to everyone.

I found my new love now.
More apprioately, new obession. (-___-)
I didn't know he is in both groups.
Must be very tiring to go to there and here.
Poor Ryo-kun.
Oh... The two groups are NewS and Kanjani8.
Kanjani8's name is so difficult to spell that it took me a few attempts to get it right.
Sad sian.
The only thing I get the name right is the number.
BUT!!!!!! It is not the usual 8.
It is like hortionazal..(sorry for my bad spelling)
Get what I mean?
Oh well, you go google it and see la.
I just don't know how to spell.
Wahahaha(how many HA are there? :/)
Very cheerful and upbeat, sure way to cheer me up instantly besides KATTUN's Yoroboki no Uta(Song of Happiness)
Hope Kanjani8 will produce more upbeat(funny and cheerful as welllllll) songs.
NISHIKIDO RYOOOOOOOOOOO, why are you so handsomeeeeeee?
LOL. >w<

Okay luh, that's all about today.
Now I'm starting to watch all Kanjani8 videos.
Hopefully, they can cheer me up cause from what I see from their Wahaha MV, they are very funny.

And oh, Johnny-san..
Can you please release a lot of videos of Nishikido san?
I doubt he will read this. -___-